Medication Management Systems

Peace of mind with accurate medicines doses

Taking multiple medicines in the correct way and at the correct time can be daunting, but it is vital to take them as prescribed.

We dispense your medication into a safely prepared, easy to see and simple to use weekly pack. We have a number of dose administration systems available including Webster-pak with its strong visual design and accurate information about the contents. Ask our pharmacists about which system is best for you. We remove the worry from taking medication and increase confidence, not just for you, but for concerned relatives, carers and loved ones as well.

Packed professionally and double checked by the pharmacist, these packs are provided in various forms to suit a range of special needs, including for travellers, those with low, those with disabilities and those who just wish to make it easier.
If you are a Veterans Affairs patient, this will be a free service

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Prepare yourself for the Spring season - there are medicines available to assist you with allergy maintenance

The information provided on this site is generalised in nature and not specific to individual circumstances. You should always seek specific advice relating to your individual needs from your GP.


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