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We’ll help you deal comfortably with incontinence

Bladder and bowel control problems can interfere with your life and can make simple everyday activities a challenge and social life very difficult. Most people feel uncomfortable discussing incontinence problems with their friends, family and even their doctor. But it affects millions of people so you are not alone.

Incontinence is not just a result of aging or something that happens after child birth. Almost 4.8 million Australians are affected by some degree of incontinence. It affects both men and women, regardless of your age or background. Importantly, it can be treated, managed and in many cases resolved. And even more importantly, there are a number of avenues of help available.
At Buderim Pharmacy, we have qualified pharmacists and a nurse trained in incontinence who will provide you with a confidential and professional consultation. We can advise on the best strategies and products to suit your particular needs.

There’s a host of other ways we can help too, including everyday planning and hints on looking after your bladder and bowel. We’ll explain the options and help you make the right choice. And we can arrange a private consultation in your home or delivery on Buderim if needed.

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